Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • amacgenius
    Oct 16, 05:30 PM
    Team: amacgenius ( (left), skoker ( (right).

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  • DaiKirai
    Feb 16, 02:55 PM
    :rolleyes: I don't want to sound patronizing, but you didn't get TBP by accident when you installed FF on your Mac, because TBE is not in the extensionroom, did you? That would explain why a lot of the options are missing. :D But it sounds like you know too much to get caught by that one.

    Yeah, that's it. The comments in the extensionroom seemed to claim that TBP had exactly the same features, but was less buggy. I guess they were wrong.

    The only part of it I use is the forcing of new windows to open as new tabs instead, so there wasn't any visible difference to me.

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  • rtcruz1
    Jan 17, 03:18 PM
    That is the most idiotic accessory I've ever seen. I wouldn't be caught dead with that thing on... You might as well add a set of braces, headgear, a pair of broken black rimmed glasses taped together with masking tape, a pocket protector, a short sleeve plaid shirt buttoned all the way to the top, and brown high water pants pulled up to your nipples and cinched by a belt.. that should make the picture complete.

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  • komseban
    May 1, 07:33 PM
    CleanMyMac is a pretty good application.

    CleanMyMac cleans too much.


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  • koobcamuk
    Apr 28, 06:22 AM
    I heard that the Special Red Edition iPhone 3G Pro will be released soon, if so, will it be 16GB or 32GB? Or, it will have both formats? Will you get this special version instead of a black or white one?

    I heard you just wasted 5 minutes of my life. Had to respond to even make that time worth it.

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  • whooleytoo
    Apr 11, 07:27 AM
    Likewise, I'm nearing the end of Zelda and looking for something else to try. I've had a look at the Wii selections and haven't found much to tempt me.

    I was really hoping the Wii would induce some original games, but by and large it seems to be attracting ports from other consoles with scaled down graphics and the control system tacked on.


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  • harpster
    Apr 7, 04:53 PM
    It wasn't because of that line.

    I was finally able to check that and your are CORRECT it wasn't that line - I found that the reason it didn't work was that I had $webmaster and $email set to the same email address and something didn't like that... case closed.

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  • Mr. Anderson
    Jul 22, 08:04 PM
    wow, that's totall nuts - who'd a thought, non-expo overload.

    yep, get more memory at least for the server, if the site gets this popular, you're going to need to upgrade.

    maybe a little mention that the site needs a new server thread - donations accepted - i'd give $10.....

    and now that the forums are only available to members, you're only going to increase membership - remember we got more than 1500 because of the lockdown on MWNY last week.

    the site got 600+ members since the server fart alone - macrumors is off and running....

    way to go arn!:D



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  • maccompaq
    Apr 19, 09:35 AM
    A big problem with the big megapixels is the amount of storage they take on your phone. You cannot adjust the megapixel size down with a phone camera like you can with a point & shoot camera. A 16 megapixel camera in a phone will not give you a better picture than a 5 megapixel camera in a phone. A phone just does not have the room to install a quality sensor.

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  • antster94
    Jun 23, 01:03 PM

    It'll be in the morning, 7:30 AM should be fine.


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  • nesuser2
    Dec 16, 09:45 PM
    I'm not sure what it says above but Holiday bump. Asking $250 for everything. I would only trade for an ipod video but would really prefer some cashola via paypal and in the states ONLY. You can figure on paying $215+ range for the camera alone. I'm not sure what the card is now but it should be $100ish retail and no less than half that on ebay. So you're getting this mint used camera with the card, case, and extra battery .....with battery charger ofcourse for a pretty rockin deal. This would make an excellent gift since it is compact and yields stellar results. This will outperform your standard kodak easycrap 4mp camera or any of the lower line canon' know, that garbage that they sell cheap at christmas. So somebody......please buy!!

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  • KPOM
    May 4, 08:42 AM
    That article is very good but it's directed mostly to manufacturers and industry standard setters rather than end-users.

    Unfortunately, it's a bit tricky. After TRIM Enabler came out about a month ago I did a secure erase. Nonetheless, the other day I ran Stellar Mac Data Recovery to undelete a file and it found a LOT of old files (almost a GB worth) that I think pre-date the secure erase. I might try a more "scientific" test when I have more time.

    I plan to pass the MacBook Air down within the family when I get a new one, but I agree manufacturers need to get on the ball.


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  • rwh202
    Apr 11, 01:15 PM
    Thanks. So, when do they score the bonus points? I only have the base points (481) so far, but should�ve gotten 968 more points.


    Bonus points normally appear straight away. However, you'll need to complete 10 units with at least an 80% success rate before you will start receiving them. (those first 10 units won't ever receive a bonus)

    Anyway, congratulations on your first unit. The bonus points will soon start rolling in!


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  • atszyman
    Apr 5, 03:53 PM
    Some one from some little European country kept daring me to try and catch up to them.



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  • BanjoBanker
    Nov 30, 07:48 PM
    That really sucks! There should be some recourse for this couple, that sort of thing really should be disclosed by the seller.:eek:

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  • BlackViper
    Apr 24, 04:16 PM
    If you use a stereo audio minijack to RCA then there will be separate volume controls on your Mac and TV, try turning volume up on both devices. With TOSlink there will not be a volume control on the Mac, you will have to adjust from the TV. Is there a stereo/AV system involved or are you using the speakers installed in the TV itself? Double check that you aren't mixing up the in/out ports and that the HDMI port you are using is associated with an audio input, some devices assume HDMI will carry the audio and you may need to use a specific HDMI port acocciated with the audio in jack.


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  • twoodcc
    Mar 17, 06:14 PM
    yeah something doesn't sound right here. can you tell us exactly what flags you used when starting folding?

    are you using the console client?

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  • MacsRgr8
    Nov 10, 03:17 PM

    Till about a year ago (?) SpyMac was a decent contributor to the Mac-Rumors & Scene world.

    What happened?

    Did they hire a marketing bloke? Are they so in debt that they have to advertize every inch available on their site????
    Jeez! :confused: :mad:

    I used to check out their site on a daily basis.
    There are a couple of things I do (and did) every morning:
    1) Drink coffee
    2) Check out
    3) Check out
    4) Check out
    5) Check out
    6) Take a cr@p

    Well, delete # 5)

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  • musicpyrite
    Nov 9, 09:48 PM
    edesignuk - I like the bookmark that is labled 'General Piracy'. :D

    Mar 6, 05:41 PM
    I have found what I feel is a great solution for people with slower G4's or people that just want the site to stop hogging all their CPU. I recently discovered a great free app called "Mactubes" and have quickly fallen in love with it. Using this on my G4 1.8GHz I have watched video of all different quality/resolution and the CPU consumption ranges from 17-36%. The even better thing is that you can watch, search and download every video on youtube without ever going to the website. Gives you a great player window also that makes it much more like watching vids in VLC or something.

    These results I speak of require one specific setting in the apps preferences..

    1. Download Mactubes here. ( It supports 10.4.2+

    2. Launch it then open preferences. Set the player type to Quicktime like the image I have attached shows. The window mentions near the bottom you need Safari 4+ but that is only for the "Video player" mode which uses html5 but without actually launching Safari. QT player setting uses even less CPU.

    I have also tried the flash and video player setting and they use more CPU. The quicktime interface takes flash out of the equasion all together which is amazing. Virtually every video on youtube is a lowres h.264 with a flash (.flv) wrapper. The QT setting ignores the wrapper and plays the h.264. Even a G4 400+ can play low res h.264 without the flash crap.

    Please share your results if you try this. :)

    Jan 12, 09:50 PM
    maybe try connecting the dock to a power source

    Apr 1, 10:05 PM
    I can't figure this one out. I successfully jailbroke my 1st gen iPad after using pwnage tool and tetheredboot.

    However when I open cydia and do the required updates it asks me to reboot, so I do so but it keeps on going through a boot loop.
    I then put it in DFU and do the tetheredboot command in terminal but it fails every time saying:

    Macintosh-6:~ Eddy$ /Users/Eddy/Desktop/tetheredboot/tetheredboot -i/Users/Eddy/Desktop/tetheredboot/iBSS.k48ap.RELEASE.dfu -k/Users/Eddy/Desktop/tetheredboot/kernelcache.release.k48
    Initializing libpois0n
    Waiting for device to enter DFU mode
    opening device 05ac:1227...
    Found device in DFU mode
    Checking if device is compatible with this jailbreak
    Checking the device type
    Identified device as iPad1,1
    Preparing to upload limera1n exploit
    Resetting device counters
    Sending chunk headers
    Sending exploit payload
    Sending fake data
    libusb:error [darwin_transfer_status] transfer error: timed out
    libusb:error [darwin_reset_device] ResetDevice: device not responding
    Exploit sent
    Reconnecting to device
    libusb:error [darwin_close] USBDeviceClose: no connection to an IOService
    Waiting 2 seconds for the device to pop up...
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Connection failed. Waiting 1 sec before retry.
    Command completed successfully
    Unable to reconnect
    Unable to upload exploit data
    Exploit injection failed!

    So then my only option is to restore again through itunes and rejailbreak which means I loose the updates I install. I've done this about 5 times now and it's really pissing me off.

    Is snowbreeze more reliable then the method I'm using? If so I may have to boot in bootcamp and try.

    I'm not a Mac user but I believe your issue is with libusb If you google on this you'll see it is a common error, I believe you'll also find info on how to correct the issue...

    Hope that helps to get you started...

    Dec 20, 03:28 PM
    Post your own personal stories about switching to the Mac.


    May 3, 09:48 PM
    An actual news worthy Mac malware story:

    Apparently, this malware toolkit, referred to as "Weyland-Yutani Bot" (WYB), is capable of aiding the production of malware to turn Macs into bots. But, this is not the most dangerous aspect of this toolkit. WYB also facilitates form grabbing, using a man-in-the-browser technique, to collect usernames and passwords during Firefox or Chrome browser sessions. This is basically the Mac version of the Zeus toolkit.

    This is a more significant threat than MACDefender, a recent rogue AV malware, because WYB collects data from browser sessions rather than by tricking the user to give up their credit card number. Also, WYB allows more rapid development of malware variants so the amount of malware for Macs will increase at a faster pace as this toolkit and others like it that target Macs become more prevalent.

    Malware derived from WYB needs to be installed with elevated privileges to be able to collect sensitive data. The malware uses social engineering to trick users into authenticating installation. As with any malware, suitable exploits could be used to facilitate installation if found.

    Privilege escalation exploits are rare in Mac OS X so exploitation is unlikely to be used to completely install WYB based malware. Some degree of social engineering will be part of the installation process. This is also true for Windows malware generated from similar toolkits. But, Windows does have more privilege escalation vulnerabilities so exploitation is more likely to negate the need for social engineering to install malware even in properly configured Windows systems.

    The developer of WYB is selling this toolkit for $1000 via internet forums. Let's hope the malware made using this toolkit is not profitable for those that purchase WYB so that developers of such toolkits are not able to maintain a market for their product. The only means to guarantee the lack of success of such malware that relies on social engineering is user knowledge given that AV software is never a complete solution.

    For more Mac security information, check out the links found below.

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