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billy the kid grave site

images Billy the Kid#39;s grave, billy the kid grave site. quot;Billy the Kid#39;squot; Grave
  • quot;Billy the Kid#39;squot; Grave

  • hineeta
    05-22 03:17 PM
    Our attorney told us to get documents ready to file I-485 as our PD of Jan 2004 might get current, hopefully. Unfortunately, my birth certificate does not have my name (at time of birth, name was not decided) but rest info is there. This makes for incomplete information on birth certificate. Here is what we have been advised to do (copied from attorney's mail):

    My question is has anyone got Nonavailability certificate in case of missing birth certificate from Delhi (my place of birth), India. If yes, me out and let me know how to go about it. My parents are not even sure which Municipalty branch to go to.......they are getting the affidavits ready, though.

    "Since your birth certificate is not available, you may obtain a Certificate of Non-Availability: This document is issued by a competent governmental authority confirming that the birth certificate does not exist. There is no set format for certificates of non-availability, but the document must indicate the reason the birth record does not exist, and indicate whether similar records for the time and place are available.

    You may also obtain a Affidavit of Birth: If a birth certificate does not exist, was issued more than one year after your birth, or does not contain all of the required information as stated above, a sworn affidavit executed by both parents (mother and father) may be submitted. "

    wallpaper quot;Billy the Kid#39;squot; Grave billy the kid grave site. Billy the Kid Grave
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  • coolman
    07-28 10:27 PM
    The Suze Orman Show: Financial News and Freedom, Get Your Net and Self Worth, The Suze Scoop - (

    Has anyone tried to talk to your banks for refinance under this new rule? I talked to my bank- Wells Fargo..They were very rude and said that they do not know about this at all as they haven't got any notification.When I told them that this news is on CNBC...they did not want to believe it.Asked when I should call again,they said keep calling every week..Was really disappointing...

    billy the kid grave site. Billy the Kid#39;s grave site
  • Billy the Kid#39;s grave site

  • sanju
    02-03 05:08 PM
    or if you know some website which has reviews of companies plz let me know that site...

    You are asking a wrong question. Beware of all Desi cos. They are all the same. If you are under some compulsion to join a desi cos, then you got to do what you got to do.

    I think it would be best to speak with someone who is already working for the cos and join if your friend or someone you know is already working there.

    Also, get EVERYTHING in writing, I mean EVERYTHING. Do not trust desi cos just because the guy is sweet talker.


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  • BharatPremi
    09-28 02:43 PM
    Up for it. Thanks for posting though.


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  • Billy the Kid would

  • JunRN
    11-01 11:20 AM
    Priority Date comes first, and then country limit. Country limit is not respected at the last quarter of each Visa Year (July to Sep).

    If you're on EB2, then you're on for approval as soon as everything clears (security check, etc.). If you're on EB3, wait for a while dear. It will not come soon.

    billy the kid grave site. Billy The Kid Grave Site
  • Billy The Kid Grave Site

  • Dalai Lama
    02-09 01:08 PM

    some body told me that if you are on H1B1 then you can not file for greencard. is it true?

    I am on H1B1 and I have approved I-140.

    I didnt knew the difference between H1b and H1B1.

    Please help, I am so frustrated.

    Dalai Lama


    billy the kid grave site. Billy the Kid#39;s grave.
  • Billy the Kid#39;s grave.

    01-23 04:55 PM
    I am on H1 and my husband on H4.

    My 140 is pending.

    We recently received EAD for both of us. If my husband applies for SSN but do NOT use EAD or SSN for work . Will he still remain on H4?

    I want him to be on h4 status till I get 140 approved.

    Thank you.

    I am in the same boat. My 140 is pending. I am on H1 wife is already employed with EAD (After getting SSN). According to my attorney Her getting SSN and working will not have impact on My h1.

    Why do you want your spouse to continue on h4?

    2010 Billy the Kid#39;s grave site billy the kid grave site. Billy the Kid#39;s grave,
  • Billy the Kid#39;s grave,

  • gcformeornot
    09-27 08:42 PM
    for details. Good Luck to ALL.


    billy the kid grave site. grave site of Billy the
  • grave site of Billy the

  • K a Z
    11-26 07:08 PM
    I got 3d studio max, and of course swifty, but how 'zactly can i make new textures through studio max, and then slap em on some jiffy image i made and make it super?

    hair the real grave site was, billy the kid grave site. Gravesite of Billy The Kid
  • Gravesite of Billy The Kid

  • desixp
    05-31 10:32 AM

    Recently, I have used AP for my travel from IAD. I was sponsored by company A and I am working for company B on EAD. At POE the CBP officer asked me if I am still working for Company who sponsored my GC. I said no. I told them I work for Company B. They just listened and let me in.

    The other question that they asked me how long was my stay outside US. I was not sure why they asked that question.

    Hope this helps.



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  • mudigondag
    01-04 03:12 PM
    I have filed 485 for all my family members and received the EAD and AP(s). FP is not done yet. My daughter is in 1st year undergrad. Is there a way my daughter's 485 status can be maintained, if I join my daughter for MBBS study in India? If yes, what would be the option. Apreciate the suggestion

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  • loveiv
    07-18 09:38 PM
    any suggestions on how to expedite processing

    Donate 1 million dollars to USCIS, they will come to your house to handover the card. I believe that is the only way you can expedite, as for as I know.


    house Billy the Kid#39;s grave today, billy the kid grave site. Billy the Kid Tomb
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  • ranand00
    09-11 08:14 PM

    My h1 extension is under process. Once it gets approved can I am thinking of going to canada and get it stamped. My wife has also applied for cos from h1 to h4. It was not applied with my h1 extension but was applied 1 month later.
    My question-
    Can we go for h1 stamping for myself(once approved) and h4 stamping for my wife , even though her h4 is pending.Would I-539 receipt notice would suffice .

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  • CCC
    04-20 07:01 PM
    If appropiate can one of the administrators tell us how much of the funds collected thus far have been used (for whatever purposes). I am not asking where the money went :-), just basically how much is left in the Kitty now. If we are running low i am hoping we will see a spur of new donations..

    Before anybody asks; yes i have contributed to IV. $600 as of now. I plan to send in another $100 or $200 by end of the month.

    PS- Of course as i said above please disclose this info only if its deemed not sensitive.


    pictures Billy the Kid#39;s grave. billy the kid grave site. Billy the Kid#39;s grave today,
  • Billy the Kid#39;s grave today,

  • MYGCBY2010
    09-26 02:52 PM
    I got my checks encashed to day and when I looked at the status of my I-485 application online it says
    On September 21, 2007, we received this EOIR29 NOTICE OF APPEAL FROM DECISION OF DISTRICT DIRECTOR, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when yours will be done. This case is at our CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    Can any one please explain what it means... Is this something related to 485 at all?... is it that I had figured the Receipt numbers wrongly(This particualar receipt number was tough to determine from the back of the check)..

    dresses Billy The Kid#39;s Gravesite billy the kid grave site. Billy the Kid gravesite
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  • anjali.pap
    04-09 04:48 PM

    i got my i140 approved ,i-485 applied >180 days with my old employer.i have my h1b till 2010.Now i got an offer from a new company who is willing to do my h1b transfer and they said no need for doing labour,i140 again.
    i am confused. is that safe if i do h1b transfer and keeping old employer's i140.(they won't revoke).Are its better to use ead to avoid confusion in GC process.pls show me the light.


    makeup grave site of Billy the billy the kid grave site. Billy the Kid#39;s grave today,
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  • uimv
    05-27 01:21 PM

    If PD is current, are there disadvantages of being outside US (on AP) ?

    Thank You.

    girlfriend over his gravesite to keep billy the kid grave site. gravesite of Billy the Kid
  • gravesite of Billy the Kid

  • sparky123
    07-16 05:27 PM
    *** Deleted since it was posted twice....sorry ***

    hairstyles illy.kid.grave.jpg billy the kid grave site. The Authentic Grave Site of
  • The Authentic Grave Site of

  • kumarc123
    05-04 01:13 PM
    I agree ..I wonder what kind of effect will swine flu have certainly gives the anti-immigrants a huge advantage (as predicted by pat buchanan) ...

    Will this bill contain a merit based sytem? I know Obama was the the key author of a bill based upon merit based in 2007.

    Has anyone of you come across any type of information which reflects on Merit based immigration system this year?

    05-17 03:40 PM
    After filing 485, Is AC21 based changing employment is legal only when using EAD or it is applicable for H1-B transfer as well?

    History - I filed my 485 in EB3 PD March 2004. Married after that, waiting to file my wife�s 485 for PD. Hence I am maintaining my H1 as well as H4 for my wife.
    I can�t use my EAD.

    I am working as software engineer at a client location for the past 8 yrs. A corporate wide new policy at client location forces me to take full time or quit the job as not allowing a contract for more than two years continuously. I work for a very small American Consulting company and one or two employees in W2. Hence my option to get another client is very limited.

    I like to see what are the options legally can be possible without affecting my GC and legal residency of me and my wife.. I am now on my 11th year on H1 -B

    Can I switch to new employer with a H1 transfer (not using EAD) using AC 21 where the 485 was filed by different employer. Is it possible / I mean using H1B to a new employer not EAD. And extending the H1-B continuously?

    In case if I switch my job, and if the PD become current what are my options? Is my existing 485 application still valid? Can I file my wife�s 485 during the time.

    Can I continue extending my H1-B based on my old I-485 EB3 with the new employer more than one time. assuming my PD may take more than another 3 yrs.

    Do I require to start again my GC process? Or Can I continue with the same existing filed application?

    I can start a fresh GC with the new employer with EB2 as I gained another 6 yrs experience. But don�t know how long it takes, Can I continue extending my H1-B based on my old I-485 EB3?

    Any advice is appreciated.


    10-31 11:31 AM
    Just gave you a treat = GREEN point

    but dont ask me if others give you a trick = RED point :)

    All I want is you send mails. That will be my biggest treat.

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