Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • ariedia
    07-24 10:54 AM
    I am an EB3 (rest of the world) -
    My I485 has a receipt date of 7/24/2007.
    The processing date TSC is showing is 7/16/2007.

    When my date comes up inside the Processing dates range, will the category be relevant for the approval? I am asking this question because I have a friend that is an EB2 and a receipt date of Sept 2007, and got his GC on December 2007...
    If the categories are relevant, how can we monitor the process (the processing dates then become irrelevant)...

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  • giddu
    07-16 12:51 PM
    For max impact rallies should be held same day same time in all major cities of US.

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  • Macaca
    07-23 07:32 PM
    Reid's Anti-Reform Maneuvers (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/22/AR2007072200881.html?nav=hcmodule) By Robert D. Novak (http://projects.washingtonpost.com/staff/email/robert+d.+novak/) Washington Post, July 23, 2007

    When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid picked up his ball and went home after his staged all-night session last week, he saved from possible embarrassment one of the least regular members of his Democratic caucus: Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Reform Republican Tom Coburn had ready an amendment to the defense authorization bill removing Nelson's earmark funding a Nebraska-based company whose officials include Nelson's son. Such an effort became impossible when Reid pulled the bill.

    That Reid's action had this effect was mere coincidence. He knew that Sen. Carl Levin's amendment to the defense bill mandating a troop withdrawal from Iraq would fall short of the 60 votes needed to cut off debate, and Reid planned from the start to pull the bill after the all-night session, designed to satisfy antiwar zealots, was completed. But Reid is also working behind the scenes with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to undermine earmark transparency and prevent open debate on spending proposals such as Nelson's.

    These antics fit the continuing decline of the Senate, including an unwritten rules change requiring 60 votes to pass any meaningful bill. When I arrived on Capitol Hill 50 years ago, Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson (like Reid today) had a slim Democratic majority and faced a Republican president, but he was not burdened with the 60-vote rule. While Johnson did use chicanery, Reid resorts to brute force that shatters the Senate's facade of civilized discourse. Reid is plotting to strip anti-earmark transparency from the final version of ethics legislation passed by the Senate and House, with tacit support from Republican senators and the GOP leadership.

    At stake is the fate of Coburn's "Reid amendment," previously passed by the Senate and so called because it would bar earmarks benefiting a senator's family members such as Reid's four lobbyist sons and son-in-law. Nelson's current $7.5 million earmark for software helps 21st Century Systems Inc. (21CSI), which employs the senator's son, Patrick Nelson, as its marketing director. The company gets 80 percent of its funds from federal grants, mostly through earmarks. With nine offices scattered among states represented by appropriators in Congress, the company has in recent years spent $1.1 million to lobby Congress and $160,000 in congressional campaign contributions. "As of April," the Omaha World-Herald reported, "only one piece of [the company's] software has been used -- to help guard a single Marine camp in Iraq -- and it was no longer in use."

    In requesting the 21CSI earmark, Nelson did not disclose his son's employment. "There's no requirement that he disclose that," a Nelson spokesman told this column. "But frankly, in this case, we didn't disclose it because it's so public." An April 24 letter from Levin giving senators instructions on how to request an earmark made no mention of the "Reid amendment" that had been passed by the Senate three months earlier but that required only certification that no senator's spouse would benefit from an earmark. Inclusion of Nelson's son, however, would be required if the ethics bill provision passes.

    When the defense authorization bill came up last week, Coburn prepared amendments to eliminate the Nelson earmark and the most notorious earmark pending in Congress: Democratic Rep. John Murtha's proposed $23 million for the National Drug Intelligence Center in his Pennsylvania district. Reid's plan to satisfy antiwar activists with an all-night debate averted debate, for now, on those two earmarks.

    Reid, the soft-spoken trial lawyer from Searchlight, Nev., has tended to suppress free expression in the World's Greatest Deliberative Body in his tumultuous 6 1/2 months as majority leader. Last week, he cut off an attempt by Sen. Arlen Specter, the veteran moderate Republican, to respond to him with an abruptness that I had not witnessed in a half-century of Senate watching. When Specter finally got the floor, he declared: "Nothing is done here until the majority leader decides to exercise his power to keep the Senate in all night on a meaningless, insulting session. . . . Last night's performance made us the laughingstock of the world." It may get worse if plans to eviscerate ethics legislation are pursued.

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  • coolest_me
    03-04 04:19 PM


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  • Blog Feeds
    03-29 10:10 AM
    Peri Software Solutions Inc., a New Jersey-based software company, has recently been cited by the Department of Labor for wage law violations in connection with 163 H-1B visa employees. The company is accused of not paying prevailing wages to its H-1B workers, most of whom are software and technology analysts. Under H-1B regulations, employers are required file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) as part of the H-1B petition for immigrant workers. By doing so, the employer agrees to pay the employee a wage equal to or greater than the prevailing wage specified in the LCA. This wage must be paid...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/h1bvisablog/2010/03/alleged-h-1b-abuse-in-the-limelight.html)

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  • sdckkbc
    12-29 10:52 AM
    I am working on H1B visa as full time employee (Business Analyst) for a global manufacturing company. After going throughforums I understand that as consulting employees need client letters, similarly full time employees need in house project documentation for visa stamping. I work in IT department of my company where we maintain applications and provide production support and there is no specific project that I am working on. Should full time employees must have in house project documentation for visa stamping? Will I have any problem if I tell VO that I provide production support and am not working on a specific 1 project?


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-12 04:10 PM
    Immigration Lawyers Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    On October 30, 2009, the USCIS announced that 53,800 of 65,000 regular cap petitions have been received. In addition, approximately 20,000 U.S. Master's or higher petitions (i.e. advanced degree petitions) have been received. Any advanced degree petitions received from here...

    On October 30, 2009, the USCIS announced that 53,800 of 65,000 regular cap petitions have been received. In addition, approximately 20,000 U.S. Master's or higher petitions (i.e. advanced degree petitions) have been received. Any advanced degree petitions received from here on out will count toward the regular cap of 65,000. The USCIS is still accepting petitions at this time, but it is advised that any H-1B petitions be filed as soon as possible as the USCIS could announce that the cap is closed at any time.

    More... (http://www.immigrationlawyersblog.com/2009/11/h1b_cap_count_updated.html)

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  • buehler
    06-19 03:58 PM
    There is no such deadline. But it would do you good to file them before July 31st or other wise it might retrogress.


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  • gk_2000
    02-18 09:59 PM
    Hmmm .. Really don't know what to say!

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  • vegaspd
    05-19 04:18 AM

    first labor approved in may 2006 under EB3
    140 was approved in 2007

    Since I already had masters before I joined the company
    EB2 labor applied and received approval in Jan 2011

    My attorney applied for 140 porting but received priority date as Jan 2011 instead of may 2006. My attorney says immigrations has made a mistake, attorney contacted them and received a reference number basically asking attorney to call back on Jun 1st. I'm concerned on what went wrong and what could be the worst case scenario. How much time are talking about here.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.



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  • thakkarbhav
    08-10 12:51 PM
    Embassy of the United States of America in Manila (http://manila.usembassy.gov/wwwh3023.html)

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  • willgetgc2005
    04-13 06:33 PM

    Here is the BEC update. GUYS, Any thoughts on the claim that RIR cases wil be complete by end of April 2007 ?

    AILA's 03/15/2007 Liaison Meeting minutes reflect the following statistics:
    Total Cases Pending: 96,304
    TR Cases: Approx. 75,000 [Recruitment instructions and job order will be completed by Mary 2007]
    RIR Cases: Approx. 20,000 [Most of RIR cases expected to be completed by the end of April, 2007, except problem cases]
    Total RIR Conversion Received: 6,000
    RIR Eligible Determination Cases: 5,100


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  • kosars
    09-12 02:36 PM

    I have applied for I-140 in Oct 2006 and hvn't recd I-140 yet (Nebraska)
    My 485/EAD checks got encashed today. My questions is do I need I-140 before FP or EAD card.


    I donot think you need I140 approved for FP or EAD

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  • wandmaker
    02-01 02:39 PM
    Support IV and help yourself.


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  • myimmiv
    06-07 09:24 PM
    Waiting for some response...

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-08 03:30 PM
    Is a person who was deported almost 30 years ago, and returned to the U.S. without inspection a year later subject to the permanent bar under the 1996 immigration law? The 1996 law created the permanent bar to the immigrating to the U.S. Section 212(a)(9)(C)(i)(II)provides as follows: "(C) Aliens unlawfully present after previous immigration violations.- (i) In general.-Any alien who- ...(II) has been ordered removed under section 235(b)(1) , section 240 , or any other provision of law, and who enters or attempts to reenter the United States without being admitted is inadmissible." The question is whether or not this...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2009/11/uscis-errors-who-should-bear-the-burden.html)


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-30 12:30 PM
    Politico's Jonathan Martin explores the short term attraction and long term peril of the GOP's embrace of the anti-immigrant movement. He specifically discusses the subject in relation to the governor's race in California: The logic is clear: the new hard-line Arizona law, widely popular among the sort of Republicans that dominate this state�s GOP primaries, and Poizner�s unrelenting focus on the broader issue, forced Whitman to engage on a topic she was hoping to avoid. But so are the risks. Some operatives and analysts regard her strategy as the political equivalent of biting into forbidden fruit � tantalizing at the...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/05/the-forbidden-fruit.html)

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  • paragpujara
    10-18 09:35 AM
    It could be for photographs / copies of personal pages of the passport / missing signature / Photo Id.

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  • mkrish
    07-02 01:22 AM

    I have reached the last 9 days of the 90 day unemployable clause in the OPT period of F1. I had an internship for three months and now am looking for a temp/ internship Job. I would really appreciate it if someone can direct me to one.

    02-21 04:26 PM
    I think he lieing. As long as you change the employer, you can file in the same EB category.

    03-13 04:24 PM
    If you apply in April 2011 for 2012 quota, yes you will need to go out on/before June 2011 and come back in october 2011(will need H1B stamping too).
    On the other hand, If the H1B quota for 2011, which can be applied from April 2010 is not exhausted until you apply in 2011, You can stay and apply with out any problems, but this seems very remote, if not impossible.

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