Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • parrothead
    Dec 22, 01:39 PM
    Also of note with the Dension solution if you get a new car down the road and want to move it to the new car, it will only work if the new car is the same make as your current car (i.e. Honda to Honda not Honda to BMW) which sucks because they should just make it so you can just swap cable connecting the ICE Link to the car's headunit. Oh well I guess I'll see what the iCruze has to offer when it comes out.

    This is not true. the ICE works with several after-market brands like Sony, Kenwood, Alpine, etc. If you had one of these in your car, and got a new one, you would merely have to move the radio to the new car.

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  • daryliow
    Jun 22, 08:04 AM
    They have always said first come first served! Are you heading there in the morning? If so what time?

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  • phungy
    Jun 19, 02:12 PM
    Is this still available?

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Mar 3, 07:16 AM
    Yes, bring this thread back to life!

    I looked thru that apple listing of keystrokes, but I couldn't find one to restore windows (or I overlooked it). That is, if a window of an app is minimized onto the dock and you select the app by apple+tab, is there a keystroke to restore the window so I don't have to use the mouse to find it on the dock and click on it?

    Don't think so, but try hiding the apps/windows using cmd-H instead of minimizing them to the dock. Then they are gone from view and reappear when you choose that application again (e.g. using cmd-TAB/shift-cmd-TAB to navigate all open apps), even Finder... (Only problem is that this only works for all the windows of a given program.)


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  • cjc343
    Nov 11, 07:34 PM
    It was nice being able to just copy pictures to a different folder to have them online.. but I guess for now I can just use online picture hosting services...

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  • beto2k7
    Apr 20, 10:34 PM
    The only applications that might use this are military applications. Which are most likely classified applications. But in short, no, a normal application wouldn't use it. ;)

    Depends on what you call normal.

    Mathematica 8 (


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  • EdSchouten
    Jul 8, 01:58 PM
    you could edit the httpd.conf to search for htaccess instead of .htaccess :)

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  • Moof1904
    Feb 24, 07:56 AM
    total 0
    drwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 0 22 Apr 2009 .
    drwxrwxrwt 5 root admin 170 24 Feb 07:50 ..


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  • johnNYChingaz
    May 4, 01:56 PM
    To answer your question, I just upgraded from JB 4.3.1 to JB 4.3.2 without restoring. Just updated to stock 4.3.2 in iTunes, then ran redsn0w over it to jailbreak, then reinstalled all my JB packages.

    Not sure if not going through a full restore will have any adverse affects, I certainly haven't noticed any yet though!how did you reinstall you jb packages?

    i never tried just updating, i usually do a full restore, the last one i did i wiped everything of my phone and started fresh cus it was a little sluggish and slow, after that is been running nice and smooth

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  • Thomas Harte
    Jun 11, 12:13 PM
    From the quotes in the article, it sounds more like the Samsung spokesperson was answering a direct question. At the very least, there's nothing in the quoted text to suggest anyone "throwing down the gauntlet". I suggest that incorrect metaphors are saved for sports coverage from now on. Now how do I contact the International Business Times?


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  • tsvb
    Sep 12, 12:56 PM
    Hey kntgsp where's the dock and manual? Correct me if I'm wrong but don't these things come with that stuff? Oh, and you never got back to me about whether you had a receipt or not. Thanks in advance.

    There is no manual that comes with the iPhone, the dock on the other hand...

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  • thesmileman
    Apr 30, 09:10 AM
    People are here line has truely started.


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  • mags631
    Dec 2, 10:14 AM
    The article said the house was 108 years old. It is probably protected by some historical society (or would become so once they applied for demolition). Then they would have to spend a lot more than $61,000 fighting those people in court.

    They are in the northeast, not the west coast, so I don't think 108 years qualifies as necessarily historic. This issue has nothing to do with historical preservation societies.

    The original owners should have disclosed this fact and should be sued. I don't care if there is a law on the book requiring the specific disclosure of whether the house was used as a drug lab -- the house is hazardous to their health and that alone seems like a material fact that should be disclosed during the buying process.

    Wouldn't a lawyer take this case for the good PR alone?

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  • BTGeekboy
    Apr 27, 09:27 PM
    What's everyone's SSD preferred SSD these days? I've got a 2010 MBP, so the Vertex 3 is not a good choice (expensive and less performant on a 3gbps connection), and I'm afraid of getting the junk version of the Vertex 2.

    I've heard good things about OWC, but I have a bunch of Amazon gift certificates ($260 worth), so they're unfortunately not an option. (The only 240GB I could find on there was from one seller I've never heard of, memoryc -- no thanks.)

    I'd like to get over 200GB if the price is right.


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  • snberk103
    Aug 4, 09:30 AM
    I didn't see any lights last night. *aww shucks*

    Us either.... though I did see great falling star, and heard some owls.

    ohh welll - so not a complete write off....

    We'll try again tonight.

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  • mad jew
    Dec 16, 06:02 PM
    No problem, hopefully it's something simple.

    Have you removed the preference file though? I'd do that first because it's a pretty harmless troubleshooting technique that is generally quite effective. :)

    Remember to keep the file so that if it doesn't fix anything, you can put it back where you found it to keep your old settings. :)


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  • zedsdead
    Feb 24, 06:38 AM
    It could, but it doesn't have that much space. I would hook it up to an external raid array.

    I would recommend a Drobo S. (

    It is not cheep, but I have 9 gigs of drives in it, 6 available. Great product, keeps your data safe, it's fast, and easily expandable.

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  • macduke
    Mar 11, 12:38 AM
    I was there last year, but sadly not this year. I'm probably going to have to hold out until iPad 3 and the retina display. Although if I can about $500 for my 32GB Wifi and my loads of accessories, I might pickup a 16GB model. But it won't be tomorrow (unless someone on Craigslist pulls the trigger soon!)

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 18, 08:46 AM
    An 8MP cam with with a better lens will destroy it.

    Cameraphones will always be a bit gimped purely because of their size and multifunction nature.

    Very soon it will make no difference as these cameraphones will supersede single-function point-and-shoot cameras in sales. In due course it won't be worth it to manufacture them unless they're higher-end. And by point-and-shoot I mean a Canon Powershot SD1000, for example.

    Device convergence. Cameraphones have been catching up very nicely as of late. I can do so me pretty astounding things with my iPhone 4 camera plus photo software. The only real issue yet to be sorted out is zoom.

    Sep 26, 02:03 PM
    I wish I was a stoned as you are :p

    life sucks

    Sep 18, 06:53 PM
    Thanks for the advice. I did open my 60gb and it feels great to be able to fit everything on it again and backup my full-size photos. I didn't necessarily want a video-iPod but I thought they may just update battery life, functions, design, etc. Here's to at least a few months of no iPod updates since I just bought a new one :)

    I wish you all the best. Sounds as though you made a wise decision.

    May 2, 08:28 PM
    have you tried one of these?

    Jun 20, 08:16 PM
    I'm planning on coming. I didn't pre-order so I'll get there pretty early. I'm going to call the store this week and try to find out if they have an idea of the number of phones not already sold through pre-order.

    FWIW, I was walking by the store this weekend on the way to somewhere else so I popped in and I asked one of the workers if they were planning on having very many phones beyond the pre-order batch.

    He did say that they were planning on having "some" but that he wasn't sure how long that batch would last hehe.

    Sky Blue
    Mar 27, 08:37 AM
    I'll help, I'm a Sys Admin so I have the time and resources...ha..and I love dem 2D games.

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