Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • jmufellow
    Sep 29, 01:52 AM
    What about the apple credit 160 days same-as-cash thing? If it is what it seems that would be all I need. Am I missing something here like absurd interest? gee I hate being naive.

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  • apunkrockmonk
    Dec 6, 04:49 PM
    Are you sure your computer isn't saying "Could not load MySpace, Reason: It's for 13 year old losers."? ;)

    I'm sorry, I can't stand that site.

    Myspace is a very very powerful promotional tool for bands. My own band uses it, and I frequently use it to find new music to listen to.

    There is more to myspace then 13 year old girls dressing up like sluts and demanding comments.

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  • elppa
    Feb 11, 09:58 AM
    STEP AWAY FROM THE JOOMLA, do not touch it.

    Might be harsh, but I've found it convoluted, poorly documented and not worth the effort when there seem to be many better options around.

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  • Komentra
    Jan 27, 07:16 AM
    Great post. This worked just fine for downgrading my iPod Touch 4g from 4.2.1 to 4.1. You probably should mention that the person needs to edit their hosts file or else it will fail when verifying the restore with iTunes.

    Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and locate �hosts� file.
    Open this �hosts� file in Notepad and add this "".

    I would of added Mac instructions but unfortunately iReb isn't available for Mac yet.


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  • n2arkitektur
    Apr 5, 03:40 PM
    I logged into my account to verify an iTunes store purchase (why you have to confirm a purchase of a free app I will never understand) where I found someone else's account information. It's my Apple ID and email, but it is their name, address, phone, nickname, and credit card number. Has any ever seen this before? Has there been recent news about Apple's servers being compromised? Does this mean someone else is looking at my information? There's no way I will be reentering the correct information until Apple can convince me my account is secure.

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  • greystone60
    Jan 10, 01:54 PM

    Thank you for your reply. I did everything you suggested-again and even wrote it all down so I could try permutations. Bottom line, it will recognize the guitar input but not a microphone n:confused:or my two keyboards. I have the unit with me today ready to return to B&H. appreciate your help!


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  • iLucas
    Mar 27, 10:40 AM
    I like Iconoclasm due to the fact if i'm ever tired of looked at the standard icon arrangement on the springboard, I can easily switch it up ;)

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  • ucfgrad93
    Feb 10, 11:55 AM
    Damn, what a sad way to go.


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  • jamper
    May 4, 04:40 PM
    just noticed that when i lift the imac from the table the sound disappears

    So we have the same issue. Again, mine is a mid 2010 21,5"

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  • SmilesLots
    Apr 14, 03:40 PM
    Can you still see all your RAM? Is there anything running in the background like Seti@Home and so on?

    All the ram is there. No seti's. Thanks.


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  • flipster
    May 6, 08:27 PM
    I called Apple, they said it's most likely a graphics card failing (I agree).

    The weird thing is, is that 10-15 in while playing a game, it completely locks up, but the mouse cursor is movable (weird).

    You have to hold the power button to get it to work again. But once booted back into OS X, it's slow, and the screen flickers once, and then locks up again.
    The TechDoolDeluxe tests came back normal too....

    This only happens when gaming for about 10 mintues, and then the lock ups happen. (weird thing is mouse cursor is still movable)

    Any thoughts?

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  • kntgsp
    Aug 28, 10:16 PM


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  • jusacruiser
    Apr 27, 12:55 AM
    When you took the screenshot, the shot screen loads in a new Preview window. Press CMD+A, then CMD+C to copy it.
    Or use the shortcuts listed here (

    Ok, thanks.

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  • sikkinixx
    Mar 27, 07:59 PM
    sikkinixx - The DS is region free yea. And is your cheap DS game friend ;) I mean 20 quid for Pokemon Diamond :eek:

    bitchin :D


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  • crusso03
    Sep 8, 01:04 PM
    how can you install snow leopard off a usb flash drive? i am currently running tiger...

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  • rockyroad55
    May 6, 11:46 AM
    Soon enough, the OP will have to submit a change to his name to ihaveimac


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  • MOFS
    Apr 12, 10:46 AM
    Hello, I would appreciate your help in order to save me from infinite pain:

    So, my girlfriend's iPod has decided to ruin my life by deleting (hopefully hiding) all of her many (many) photos saved in her iPod. Naturally, she has gone all crazy and evil on me.

    I was the last to use it, so, naturally, she's blaming me. However, I honestly have no idea what has happened. This is the case:

    1) Apparently she had many (many) pictures/photos saved in her iPod.

    2) I used the iPod a few days ago to add/save some new songs. THAT'S ALL I DID.

    3) She went through her iPod yesterday and realized that the pictures were gone. On top of that, they were replaced randomly by some pictures taken from Photo Booth and 3 others saved in our MacBookPro.

    4) She exploded. To make matters worse, all of the "new" pictures that are suddenly there replacing the old ones feature my face and a few things that are mine. She originally thought I added them there myself because they are mostly pictures of me.

    5) Today, while trying to fix this problem, I discovered that these "new" albums/pictures of mine that replaced the other ones in her iPod have been there since 2009 (on Iphoto, I mean)! All this pics can only be viewed through iPhoto. I've tried to "open" the iPod in every way in order to search for any hidden photos or material that could still be there.

    The random albums (that I have no idea how they got there in the first place) date: 1) October 2009 2) February 2010 3) August 2010 and 4) March 28, 2011.

    Why has this happened? How can we fix this?

    1) She says she didn't delete or move her pictures at all.
    2) I haven't that done either. I only copied a music cd in the ipod.
    3) Why are those random pictures all of the sudden saved in the iPhoto AND directly in her iPod? Neither of us did that. The pictures have been saved there since forever (2009). But, what does that have to do with disappearing/deleting many (many) pictures in the iPod?

    Please help me. Is there any way to get them back? I've tried to search the ipod for pics, but, all it says is that there are 26 available photos which are the random ones that replaced all the many (many) others she had.


    1) Please don't DP to boost exposure to your post. It's just not cricket.:p

    2) Is the iPod originally linked to another computer? The most likely scenario is that it is, and you've inadvertently ignored the "This iPod is linked to a different computer. Syncing it will erase the iPod." message.

    3) Have you backed up the photos somewhere else?

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  • DewGuy1999
    May 6, 08:17 PM
    What kind of ports are used for each graphic card and it's corresponding monitor, ie, DVI-to-DVI, etc.? Have you tried different video cables?

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  • acedickson
    May 5, 01:22 AM
    I bought the be.ez LA robe sleeve ( as well as the Vyper XS3. I kept the be.ez sleeve because of the price point vs. the extra protection provided by the Vyper XS3, although I really liked it too. The be.ez sleeve is sturdy enough, surprisingly, but wouldn't protect as well as the Vyper XS3 in a major drop.

    Sep 20, 07:38 AM
    Did you read the rest, it was down for about 5 minutes to change the .mac page. That's it so far.
    Ah well. I must have had the page open while others posted :(

    Mar 23, 12:04 PM
    So I have a 2009 Mac Mini which I installed boot camp on and a windows 7 buisness 32 bit installation. It now only boots into that operating system. Holding down the x,c,alt/option keys at start up do nothing. The only thing it seems to respond to is the mouse to eject a disk. This probably means I have a bad keyboard but I typed this entire post with it and I don't have another keyboard in the house to test the theory with (except PS/2 inputs).

    Any thoughts? Unfortunately I just brought this mac mini from school and left all my disks there so it might just be I didnt finish the boot camp install in windows, is there any way to get around this?


    Apr 21, 10:38 PM
    So, do we know who or what organization put this idea forward?

    it's the "North Dakota Family Alliance" whose executive director is Tom D. Freier who is;

    Tom D. Freier is a North Dakota politician and public servant with the North Dakota Republican Party.... link (

    May 3, 01:05 PM
    Apologies if this has been asked before, but a precursory search has revealed nothing.

    Is there a difference between the boxed version of Aperture 3 ($199!) and the App Store version ($79)?

    Given the price difference I wonder if the app store version is missing features or is an "Aperture lite".

    I already own the boxed version, but my curiosity must be satiated!

    Apr 29, 02:00 AM
    I should add that I used the install disks that came with the computer.

    As someone else mentioned, try running Disk Utility Repair Disk off of your install disc (while booted off it). Or, just reformat (which will erase the contents). The correct format would be "Mac OS Extended". That should give you a clean slate, provided there are no hardware issues (with the drive, in particular). Memory problems would show with different symptoms.

    If those are the original discs, it should work. Though, from what I can find on the earliest model (desk lamp style), the minimum it shipped with was 10.1.3. If it was any later model, it should have shipped with 10.2. Original discs should be grey.

    10.4, Tiger, should work just fine on that model. I used to run it on a slower 667MHz PowerBook.

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