Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • edesignuk
    Nov 9, 04:56 PM
    I click my bookmark ( to go and take a quick look around the oh-so-slow Spymac galleries, and look what now welcomes you when you first visit the site, a bloody great sales pitch :mad: :rolleyes: Same thing happens if you go to the front page. It only seems to come up when you first visit, and if you leave, but don't close your browser it will not be there if you go back again. But if you quit your browser then go back you will be greated by it again.

    Spymac have now totally gone down the comercial pan.

    edit: oh, and btw, we need to arrange to hunt down the dude "modeling" the shirt and wipe that grin off is face ;) :D

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  • maria sharapova hot stills.

  • orangeclockwork
    Jul 9, 06:33 PM
    thanks for the advice...i won't make the deal...unless apple doesnt come out with new powerbooks soon and drives me insane (not that i ahve any resentment towards them)

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  • FriarCrazy
    Aug 5, 04:25 PM
    That was just about the coolest thing I've ever seen. I saw a guy that put a linux box in his car... This totally blows him away. Wow.

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  • canadianluddite
    Apr 23, 11:10 AM
    I have an application --
    PDF, DOC, XLS Fast Reader --
    in my iTunes library
    but it doesn't sync to my iPod touch --
    any suggestions?


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  • bytor99999
    Apr 17, 10:33 PM
    I read that you have to go to sound in system preferences and change the output to tv once you hook the cord up. Can you confirm that works?

    Yeah, that is what my sister did. And that worked for her. It wasn't the Monoprice cable, but one she got at the Apple Store, but I think all those cables will work if you set the audio in the System Preferences.


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  • maria sharapova hot hairs.

  • jbomber
    Jul 2, 02:28 AM
    not really related, but

    is there a set of keystrokes that'll hide everything and just show the finder?


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  • nagromme
    Jan 9, 10:04 PM
    It probably didn't sell well--first it was bundled with Final Cut Pro, and then GarageBand was based on it.

    I'm sure a future GarageBand 2 could fill Soundtrack's shoes, or they could just leave it as a component of Final Cut Pro. GB generally does MORE than soundtrack (software loops, etc.) But at present, Soundtrack DOES still have important features. Features for making... soundtracks :) Unlike GB, Soundtrack has a video track, complete with marker support, for composing music to fit the footage or animation.

    Soundtrack is probably my favorite Apple app ever--although I could switch to GB just fine I'm sure.

    Also, Soundtrack comes with many more loops than GB--and they're not software loops, they're all real recordings. A great collection. Do the GB Jam Packs include all of them? I've always assumed there was SOME overlap at least.

    (And vice versa... if I have Soundtrack, how much would I gain by getting the Jam Packs? After all, the Soundtrack loops I already have should work fine in GarageBand--so I already have a Jam Pack of sorts.)

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  • Doctor Q
    Feb 8, 11:04 AM
    You can now use the [Resolved] prefix in most forums to flag your own threads when the issue raised by the thread has been resolved, the question has been answered, the problem has been solved, or the equivalent. It's especially useful in the Mac Basics and Help forum.

    The [Resolved] prefix does not mean that the thread is closed or that others shouldn't post, just that you don't consider the thread to be waiting for resolution of the issue, question, or problem. You can also think of it as a thank-you flag when you've gotten the help you needed. It doesn't make sense to use [Resolved] for certain types of threads, such as open-ended discussions and current events, so use it only where it's suitable.

    To change the prefix of a thread that you started:


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  • NttDocomo
    May 6, 01:29 AM
    wow I am surprise to see this.

    Thanks for all the help. I downloaded the iStat program and found that the highest temp is around 40 to 50 degree C. I thought that's not normal and worry that it will hurt the inside components.

    I will try to put my macbook with more load and see if the temp goes up even higher. I am surprise macbook has such high temp as I never experienced this type of heat when using other brands of laptop! :(

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  • Snesley Wipes
    Mar 30, 10:14 PM
    I did 50GB. I only play CS and TF2 though... only using 25GB for those with OS, etc...


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  • sidgriffey
    Mar 16, 04:13 PM
    Is that done just by going to accounts, unlocking the lock, right clicking the name and selecting the home folder -- and I presume just making sure it's the same folder that is selected for SL?

    Also, given my setup (SSD booting and running SL with my apps) what is the best way to install Lion? I have the dmg. file, so what would I do to make sure I don't wipe out my SSD situation?

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  • bmorris
    Jan 17, 09:03 PM
    the meeting is 7 to 10c?
    so it just started?


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  • Bloodstar
    May 2, 10:17 PM
    If I'm remembering correctly, there was a CD installer for Tiger. If you could find that, you'd be good.

    I'd suggest getting at least an external DVD drive, though... always good to be able to burn a DVD, even if purely for backup purposes.

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  • saabmp3
    Jul 6, 10:06 PM
    Originally posted by robotrenegade
    OH MY GOD!!!! OK this only took 2 days to figure out.

    My cable company (ssshhh Adelphia) does this thing called *Hardware Capture* which means the first computer to use the IP address in the only one that can. It saves the hardware code from your computer so it knows when it should and shouldn't ping it. Well i found this out and this is what i did.

    1: I told them that I wanted to change my main computer to another, when I did that I hooked it up to the airport. And everything worked.

    That hardware code that your talking about is the MAC address which is a method of regulating which computers are allowed to connect to their cable modem. As somebody else said, I'm surprised they let you switch it to a router, what you usually have to do is change the MAC address on the basestation to the address of what you had hooked up orginally.



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  • alphaod
    Oct 29, 12:11 AM
    Are you running the cuda wrapper for Linux?

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  • macfreek57
    Oct 20, 11:28 PM
    PS2, not PSP... and wouldnt a mini PS2 have the same size cds so that all the games that have been released to date are compatible. Although, with my experience, burnt media will usually not play in playstations, burnt cds are simply a no go, and burnt dvds are a toss up.

    i must have totally missed that.
    but, no. i do know that psp's will have a small disc form-factor. all i've really heard about it is that and that even so, they will hold more than a PS2 disc.


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  • yoyo5280
    Oct 25, 08:19 PM

    Weather is bad...I have never done this before...what are the lines like?

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  • R94N
    Feb 1, 03:00 PM
    It does come in a box, so it's accurate! ;)

    maria sharapova hot fotoss. maria sharapova fotoss
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  • MisterDisney
    Apr 10, 01:08 PM
    I bought a Bumper at launch. I did take the money back though.

    Jun 17, 07:10 PM
    I received a $20 PlatStation Network card the other day and I spent $5 of it on LittleBigPlanet DLC. I'm trying to find a game I would like on the PlayStation store for under $15. What would you guys recommend?

    Apr 25, 07:29 PM
    I don't however believe I have broken the rules but if you feel otherwise I hope my apology puts a smile on your face and makes your day just that bit better! ;)

    Duff-Man says....not to flog a somewhat dead horse,but you have indeed broken the rules - both the forums and Apple's.

    Even *if* your friend paid for it, it's not his to give you to install and use without violating Apple's license agreement, and as for the forum rules, as quoted above it's *very* clear that you've asked for help with software you do not have license to use so yes, you've broken the rules.....oh yeah!

    Apr 12, 06:34 AM
    You could certainly make an application that is mostly HTML5/Javascript, that was the way that Apple originally intended for the iPhone 1. For webapps hosted externally you don't even need Xcode or a Developer license, but you can wrap a webapp into a "regular" app and then you would.


    Feb 20, 06:37 PM
    Well... it WILL set a precedent and you will see apple going after jailbreakers... And they have MORE muscle than SONY.

    Not true. The Library of Congress has certified jailbreaking of mobile telephone devices as LEGAL.

    Perhaps the real push should be to get them to include console gaming devices? Too bad they only make changes every 3 (?) years to the registry I believe.

    Mar 25, 04:46 PM
    Still no scanner support for MP600.....

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