Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • Dustintendo
    Dec 5, 09:42 PM
    a 500 dually should be planty fast, although im not sure if those 2 500s act as a 1ghz in osx, or if the application has to be multithreaded

    maybe somone could answer that

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  • jetjaguar
    Apr 30, 08:41 AM
    Yes, I wouldn't have got it if it didn't :eek:

    Even before I ordered my mac I knew I would need extension cables for the ACD because I read posts on how short the monitor's cables were and also saw it in the local Apple store. I contacted Dr. Bott to confirm their mDP cable supported audio passthrough.

    FWIW: I bought my Dr. Bott cables from here:

    I got it from Mac-Pro because (a) they were hard to get at the time (even Dr. Bott itself didn't have any, which apparently is the case even now -- just checked the 2m on their site ( and (b) I found a bunch at Mac-Pro which is fairly close to where I live. Heh, the price there now looks a buck or two cheaper then I paid at the time!

    Editorial: Many of the ads for these kind of cables are, IMO, incomplete since they also come with USB. So when they advertise the cable supports audio (generally they say "Audio and video passthrough" if they say anything at all) you can't tell for sure if the mDP supports audio in addition to the USB which of course supports audio. So what I do when faced with ambiguities is contact the manufacturers directly.

    At least Monoprice, my preferred (first choice) place for ordering cables, is honest to say up front that their mDP cables don't support audio. They're a great place to order cables if the cables fulfill you needs.

    thanks for your help. I just got a 2010 quad which i will upgrade the cpu to a hex in a month or so. I also got a 27acd .. nice monitor .. kinda miss the 30acd i used to have but decided to get the 27 instead. I have no idea why apple makes these cables so damn short. I might pick up a second monitor so i guess i will need two sets.

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  • mrat93
    May 2, 07:41 AM
    There was one thread posted last night, but it was locked... I wonder why...

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  • phantomsd
    Mar 11, 11:33 AM
    I'm going go to early, around 10/11. Will let you all know how long the line is.

    Awesome. camarobh from the "line spec" thread was going to check around 10 as well.


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  • iThinkergoiMac
    Apr 5, 09:10 PM
    The i5 is much faster than a C2D. The GPU isn't any slower. That should answer your question about playing games.

    However, I'm not going to help you lie. If your MB is getting so hot that it really is burning you, that sounds broken to me. Besides, what happens when you try to present a broken computer and they figure out it really works just fine?

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  • crazzyeddie
    Nov 15, 07:47 PM
    Just a quick question... I downloaded the SMP Intel version for my MacBook Pro, but I can't figure out how to pause it! Last night I did a ctrl-c (quit) and it closed out... but this morning it started all over! What on earth is the "pause" command?

    (yes I know I don't need to stop it for most things, but I like to at night and while I study because of the extra noise it creates.)


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  • obeygiant
    Oct 4, 08:15 AM
    Does anyone have a picture of a splayd?

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  • chuckles:)
    Jan 17, 09:23 AM
    That hat is one of the geekiest looking things i have ever seen.


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  • Potatochobit
    Apr 3, 06:00 PM
    Do you know if the external harddrive was formatted to NTFS?

    what you need to do is move all the files to a PC, then reformat the external drive to FAT (best to do it with the mac)

    then you can move your files back from the PC to the external hard drive and your MAC should be able to see them.

    *note, if you have old fonts you need to move you should ZIP everything first on the PC

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  • lucidmedia
    Mar 9, 05:51 PM
    Because you want to integrate Flash and PDF, I would say that Adobe Encore is your tool of choice. Apple's DVD studio pro is also popular, but Encore supports embedded computer data, flash, etc.


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  • baby duck monge
    Jan 12, 08:50 PM
    you could also use adiumx as your chat program if you don't already. there is a script you can download to control hidden dock prefs, etc, that would let you turn that on and off.

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  • THX1139
    May 6, 08:58 PM
    The iMac is going to be faster than the MacPro. Which I think is pretty sad. The MacPro will give you more expansion opportunities, but if you don't need them it's a moot point. You could throw on a Promise RAID hooked into Thunderbolt and get extremely fast transfer speeds. I would get the iMac and start saving for the next major upgrade in the MacPro line. I wouldn't buy any current Mac that didn't have Thunderbolt.


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  • Nikato
    Feb 9, 02:17 PM
    Does this copy the OS as well? I ask because I am getting a Mac mini but want to put a different hd in it. I plan to use my external case to house the new drive and connect it to my Mac. I thought I read that there was something that came with the Mac (so you don't have to buy anything) that would let you copy everything including the os to a new clean drive.

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  • Gators Fan
    Oct 27, 10:52 AM
    They had 500 t-shirts. I got there at 7:15 and I was # 504. No T for me.:(

    I was #407 in line at 6:51 PM. Got a shirt (and a nice one it is).

    Staff handled everything smoothly. Very upbeat and cordial, especially the key personnel (managers, etc). There were dedicated lines for those just buying Leopard; the whole process took less than ten minutes. Went downstairs to Starbucks and saw three MacBook users installing their new OS (the mall offers free WiFi through Bright House / Roadrunner).


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  • eastercat
    Mar 6, 03:59 PM
    The current jb programs aren't as easy as Considering the OP is too lazy to research what's available, the jb programs might require too much effort. :rolleyes:

    It is very easy to jb 4.2.1 now. The improvements to the OS certainly make it worthwhile as does the ability to run all the latest apps. Virtual memory hack is no longer required.

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  • jlwilsonjr
    Feb 18, 08:16 AM
    Anyone bought the new Bad Company?


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  • c1phr
    Apr 17, 09:33 PM
    I apologize if this in the wrong place, but I'm planning on buying the Jquery reference book from O'reilly and I'm curious what you guys think on the ebook vs. paper issue for programming references.

    Probably gonna get it from Google Books, so I can read it on my computers, my phone and eventually, an iPad. Price is no issue (whole dollar or so difference).

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  • PowerGamerX
    Apr 27, 11:08 PM
    I've had no issues with SL like you're describing, including the applications you've mentioned. Remember that crashing issues may or may not be related to the OS... there's as good a chance of the software application in question being at fault as SL.

    Except I've had the same results on all the machines I've had that ran Snow Leopard.

    MacBook Pro 2.33ghz Late 2006
    MacBook Pro 13 2.26
    Mac Mini 2.26
    Mac Mini 2.4
    MacBook Pro 2.66

    It's been equally problematic on all of them.

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  • harpster
    Apr 7, 08:33 AM
    Hi thanks for looking at this, I tried what you said but Im still not able to receive the email, could there be a server setting or email setting that I need to enable?


    Worked for me, sent to my gmail email address. I didn't use the form, just hard coded the variables on the email script.

    Sep 3, 11:56 AM
    The banner is on eBay now (with about a day left). I'll probably put the poster up next.

    Dec 11, 11:24 PM
    Bluetooth Mouse is still up for grabs!!! $35 Shipped!!!!

    Aug 7, 08:20 AM
    Crikey, thanks everyone! :o :)
    No. Thank you! :D

    Apr 26, 08:37 PM
    After some research my top 3 sorted options are:

    1.- OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
    2.- Intel X25-M 120GB
    3.- Samsung 470 Series 128GB

    I will be using it as my boot drive for Mac OS X 10.6.7, any suggestion which one would be the best option for speed ?, thanks

    Jul 11, 08:14 AM
    can anyone report from the grove?

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