Sunday, June 5, 2011

jane fonda vietnam

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  • gopher
    Oct 30, 01:50 PM

    Now the world has really turned upsidedown...

    Wasn't it Michael Dell who wanted to have Apple close up shop and sell the stock back to its shareholders only back in February?

    Now Dell is doing its best to give Apple visibility, and sales!

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  • RedTomato
    Feb 8, 04:25 PM
    He would get of easily. That rooster had it coming.

    He was ruled by his cock.

    All cock, and no balls.

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  • TheWitePony
    Jul 23, 09:21 PM
    I was browsing the iTMS today and I have never created an account so I decided to try, but then I got to the point where it asks for your credit card info. I was wondering, is there a fee at all to register an account? Sorry, this may sound like a dumb question but after my recent powerbook purchase I find myself a little strapped for cash, so every penny I got counts...

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  • KittenKrusher
    Sep 27, 12:21 PM
    At my Uni we aren't suppose to have out own wireless networks, but I know of atleast 4 dorms that do. They simply hide the network so only they know what it is.


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  • alust2013
    Apr 7, 10:13 AM
    Instead of holding option, hold the mouse button down while you power on. That force ejects any disk.

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  • twisted-pixel
    Apr 25, 10:37 AM
    Apologies, the site is my own and is written in ASP. so no blogging etc, essentially something that will allow me to edit HTML page but with the ability to FTP download and reupload


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  • cocky jeremy
    Oct 28, 08:24 PM
    My girlfriend saw this and made me one yesterday.. :)

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  • 840quadra
    Sep 13, 12:55 AM
    There are only two diesels currently offered in the US: the MB e350 and VW Jetta. However, neither are availible for purchase in several states, including California, and New York.

    However, the regs allow ownership of these diesels within those states if the purchaser runs through severael hoops. Is anyone familiar with the process for purchasing the car out of state and importing back to the state with the prohibition? It involves driving the car for several thousand miles for a minimum number of months before registering in the home state. I'm most interested in California.

    VW Touareg
    VW New Beetle
    VW Passat (Soon the New model)
    and the VW Jetta.

    There are many more on the way, including from sister company Audi.

    What needs to happen for California and other states like it to allow them, is the us to switch to Low Sulfur diesel which ends up producing less hydrocarbons, and other emissions.

    With Low Sulfur, we will also have MANY more options for Diesel vehicles, as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Saab, Volvo, and other European car companies have great Diesel engines, they just don't want to invest in making them work with the High Sulfur diesel .

    I am not familiar with the process in question, but I am looking to do something similar, however involving importing a car from Germany that wasn't completely legal in the US.



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  • dolphin842
    Feb 20, 04:42 PM
    Since both drives are internal, you can indeed dedicate one drive to Windows.

    If you plan on using it frequently and feel like opening it, you can upgrade the ram and stick an ssd in for a significant boost in responsiveness.

    Other than that, you could put Plex on it to replace the AppleTV, or use it as a file/webserver, etc.

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  • MisterMe
    Jun 16, 12:16 AM
    I suppose you could argue its piece-wise, ...Not if you knew what you were talking about, you couldn't. KingHuds does know what he is talking about. Read and be wise.


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  • akakillroy
    Oct 13, 01:46 PM
    All I can say is, Made you look ;-)

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  • yellow
    Jan 10, 12:13 PM
    Tried it and got a 404.

    Anyway, there was much buzz about this video a while back and how Apple supposedly held the patents rights on this.


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  • weazbert
    Jun 20, 08:32 PM
    what pics?

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  • Sixtafoua
    Aug 12, 09:15 PM
    Wait... They don't have QuickTime 10 yet!?!?!?:eek:


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  • bartelby
    Aug 9, 12:52 AM
    I couldn't - The file size is too large. :(
    (thanks for pointing that out though) I can downsize it and sacrifice its quality to fit the attachments but I can't replace the current one with it - it won't look right.

    You could attach a smaller image for the comp. and also have the larger image because it's so bloody good!!

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  • themyst
    Mar 28, 04:56 PM
    i like ifile which allows me to play movies and music off of a microsd card (through camera connector) which essentially expands the overall ipad storage space!

    A bit OT, does the camera connector work with iPhone 4?


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  • iLucas
    Apr 25, 11:20 PM
    Some new news on the iMac. I got a mini vga to vga adapter today to plug into an external monitor and i get nothing. Nothing on the iMac display and nothing on external display when turned on. What does this mean?

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  • Ugg
    Dec 20, 03:44 PM
    I like it. Some privacy advocates don't like it, but I for one am more paranoid about giving out my SSN. If someone wants your print they could get it from the keyboard you type your password/pin in. You can't lose your finger print, or have it stolen (without knowing it's missing right away). These devices are already pretty good at ignoring 'fakes', and I've seen some that have hea sensors to make sure the 'finger' being read is warm enough to be a persons.

    Anyways, in my experience with them they are alright. I would like to have one at home that I could use for my passwords at websites and such. Have my password be a random series of characters and have the reader insert it only after verifying my finger. Would work nice. Same for the ATM... no mor lost cards or trying to keep the guy behind me from seeing my PIN...

    Did you ever see that James Bond movie where a guy offers 007 a drink and then takes it to analyze his fingerprints after he handled it? The fingerprints matched although later 007 peeled off the fake prints from his fingers. Whether this is feasible or not I don't know, but fingerprints alone seems like a pretty risky strategy. If it were a matter of fingerprints only I bet there will be a rash of missing fingers and it wouldn't be hard to heat them to body temperature....

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  • systole
    Mar 26, 08:19 PM
    I have been using screen in the osx terminal to get serial access, using the following:

    screen telnet /dev/tty.usbserial

    Unfortunately I can't scrollback in screen, which makes copying long config files a process of :apple:-C, :apple:-V, and repeat. Any suggestions for native serial support in the osx terminal app WITH scrollback?

    Jan 14, 07:12 PM
    both. just in two different ways.

    Mar 3, 10:13 AM
    So, there's no audiophile grade headphone amp inside a MacBook Pro unfortunately. Still, there can be tremendous variation between the quality of the headphone output on a laptop.

    What did you think of the sound when you tried your headphones on your MacBook Pro? How about if you connect a pair of high impedance cans?

    Apr 26, 09:54 AM
    re-did the DFU mode steps. iTunes came up again and said "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.

    Steps I used just so everyone knows what I am doing.

    1- Phone is off already, so no need to power it down.

    2- Held Home and Sleep keys for 10 seconds WITH iTunes open, continuing to hold the Home button until iTunes gave me that popup box with the "iTunes has detected..."

    3- Hit restore, it attempts to do so, and about 2-3 minutes later it gives me that 1604 error message. When it first starts the restoration process the screen flashes white then an Apple logo appears, and has the circular loading icon at the bottom for about 5 seconds and it powers down again. Then I get that error a few minutes later as i mentioned just before.

    It is in DFU mode. The screen is blank, nothing is there.

    edit: I even tried the SHIFT, then click Restore button just to try everything once. Same process happens that I mentioned in step 3.

    edit2: updating iTunes to the latest version and trying again., same message even with new iTunes and a new computer, new usb port, and even a new usb cable.

    Oct 13, 01:26 AM
    I translated this myself...
    According to the sources, Bird Electronics has released a notebook computer (laptop), ZeroBeat, which is made out of 'Urethane' foam from 'kick board' materials. By using a mobile internal cooler, the cooling system of this laptop is said to be close to perfect.
    According to the sources, the soon-to-be-released Powerbook G4 will have a built-in Superdrive and Bluetooth. Also, the design of the machine will not change dramatically, and it will be released as a new Powerbook G4.

    There. I don't know what 'urethane' or 'kick board' is, so I left that as is. Hope it helps.

    The original Sherlock translation was pretty good.


    Mar 7, 07:51 AM
    That same thing has happened to me before. HOpefully that was the issue and it's now resolved.

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