Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • jamper
    May 4, 03:05 PM
    my mid 2010 21,5" imac does that sound. when i lift him off the table the sound disappears.
    It's something vibrating

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  • IrisCaddis
    May 5, 07:45 PM
    Ext. Drive will not mount however it shows in Disk Utility?

    Back story: Been using a Lacie backup on my MBPro with Time Machine. Decided to use the ext. drive to back up my old G3 yosemite running OS 10.3. It would not show on desktop. Decided to pass on that. Went back to my new MBPro, plugged it in and states disk utility cannot repair. "disk1s3" See images. Help! I have stored data on this drive and it was working great.
    What did I do ; x

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  • bigpatky
    Apr 8, 08:19 PM
    AT&T has told me that if you've got one of the old $30/month unlimited data plans you can use the iPhone as a hotspot with no additional charge.

    whoa...i haven't heard that. do you have to contact att to set it up? how do you do that? i'm grandfathered in w/ the unlimited plan still.

    edit: i just called. they told me that i couldn't tether at all w/ the unlimited plan. they did happen to mention the free wifi at mcdonalds, starbucks, etc. that i could use. she said it in a funny way that made it at first sound like i could "tether" from that "hotspot" to my phone for free. maybe that was the misunderstanding?

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  • Satori
    Apr 15, 03:32 AM
    I'm trying to fix 5 year old Macbook for some one .The problem is hard-drive space used up but the person has very little pictures ,music and work on the computer.

    Some how only 7GB free of the 80GB hard-drive.

    There is a similar thread

    Thread never got resolved.

    well normally when I'm trying fix the same problem on PC running windows it is do to.

    1.Bad sector
    2.swap file /page file
    3.hidden OS system support files
    4.malware files to keep OS running and windows needs lots of files and I mean lots, lots and lots of files!!!

    But do not have that much experience here. What could the problem be.

    I would try emptying all of the caches first (I once reclaimed 50 gb doing this!). There are freeware tools such as Onyx that will do this for you.

    You could also use a tool like diskinventory to identify any large swap files that might be hanging around.


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  • vlj9r
    Oct 23, 03:48 PM
    I'll be there in my hospital scrubs by 6pm. This is turning out to be a great week. Started on a down with me being sick for 4 days after a flu shot. Wed my son turns 12, Thursday we are going to the hockey game (go lightning) and Friday I'm bringing home a big cat.

    see ya all there,


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  • SDub90
    Feb 19, 06:17 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Nope. A pillow (by definition I believe) is a cushion, which a MBP is not. I guess you can say it qualified as a support.

    Nothings stopping you from putting your head on it. I'm sure it could take the load, but i would recommend just getting one of those heat pads.

    Or use it for spooning.


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  • Apple OC
    Feb 24, 06:24 PM
    seems Ok ... sometimes names need to grow on people ... good luck

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  • IJ Reilly
    Sep 29, 10:23 AM
    Export to Quicktime presentation, install Quicktime on PCs.

    edit: kayjprod beat me to it.

    No actually I did, several posts earlier. ;)

    Anyway, very good idea about the Keynote player for Windows. Listen up, Apple!


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  • 2002cbr600f4i
    Jun 17, 11:42 PM

    I had BEGGED my boss last year to let me go, and the day he approved it, the conference sold out so I was screwed. This year, different boss and it just wasn't in the budget, so AGAIN I didn't get to go. At least this time around I can get all the sessions and content... Now I just have to find a week to watch them all!

    Way to go Apple!

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  • OPTiK
    Mar 13, 12:05 PM

    sn0wbreeze is pro... after trying to get pwnagetool to work for hours yesterday, i used the new sn0wbreeze release and got my ipad to tethered 4.3 JB in about 10 minutes! :)


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  • TheWart
    Jun 20, 07:50 PM

    Anyone planning on going to the Apple store in Reston VA this thursday? I pre-ordered my phone and plan on swinging by before work at around ~6:30.

    I know some Macrumors users live in the area because when I went to go play with an iPad, I punched in and it popped up in the history lol.

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  • SchneiderMan
    Jan 17, 10:44 PM
    Cool you should post it here though


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  • RedTomato
    Nov 22, 07:47 AM
    Seems a good idea because of iOS convergence.

    I wouldn't label it just the 'iOS forum' though. Not many people in the street are fully cognisant of iOS. Everyone knows Macs run OSX but the iOS brand is a bit more hidden behind the ranks of iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

    You could label it something like ' iOS - the software that runs your iPod, iPhone, and iPad' then the other forums could become 'iPhone hardware', iPad hardware' etc.

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  • Gregg2
    Feb 14, 07:14 PM
    My friend has said,"Yes they do get viruses idiot!"

    I recommend getting a new friend; one who doesn't call you names.


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  • And1ss
    May 7, 12:12 AM
    1 to 1 is only offered at Apple stores or online. I've worked for Apple for years so I would know.

    And yes, you can technically purchase it within 14 days, but when you go in the staff will do their best to get you to get it the same day.


    Oh I totally agree - the specialists will do anything to get you to buy 1to1 with the macs...helps with their metrics.

    Here's an idea..go to the store and find a random customer buying a mac - give him/her 100$ to buy a 1to1 for you. Each customer can buy up to 5 1to1s, so you should be good.

    Otherwise, make something up and I'm sure the manager will allow it because even standalone 1to1s help the store's overall metrics.

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  • Bluemeanie1976
    Apr 13, 10:59 AM
    What file are you trying to download? Do you have a link. I can Dow oaf to airsharing, or file browser. Do you have a file handling app at all?


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  • The Samurai
    Apr 19, 03:36 AM
    I use Muc Off ( - works a treat.

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  • johnnymg
    Apr 26, 11:39 PM
    After some research my top 3 sorted options are:

    1.- OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
    2.- Intel X25-M 120GB
    3.- Samsung 470 Series 128GB

    I will be using it as my boot drive for Mac OS X 10.6.7, any suggestion which one would be the best option for speed ?, thanks

    I don't think there is a "best".

    I've been using the OCZ Vertex 2 120GB in my MP and it's been 100% stable (zero sleep issues) and hasn't slowed down in 8+ months of use.

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  • aljawad
    Dec 28, 12:51 PM
    Flying in from Denmark, Europe to spend a week at MacWorld:cool:

    See you on the 14th somewhere....

    Hope to see you and the rest of our Cyber/Apple group of friends then - I'll be traveling from Kuwait to attend the event :)

    Feb 24, 07:05 AM
    I see you got FCP in your sig, i use Premiere CS5 and Photoshop you suggest the drobo would be good stuff like that? I have checked out the drobo before, they do look good. I just need something i can remote into and control when im away kick off downloads the server will be headless (no monitor)

    The regular Drobo was too slow for HD video editing, but the Drobo S works great. It is not necessary as fast as a RAID-0, but I have had no slow downs or stuttering in FCP with the Drobo S.

    Apr 22, 11:29 PM
    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've been lookin' around at all of the changes that may be made to the MBA this year, and was wondering if it will still start at around $999, and if not where will the price range start ? Thanks .

    Apr 16, 06:59 AM
    That means the ACD would act as a hub

    Are you sure about that?

    AFAIK in a TB daisy chain the monitor must be the last....

    EDIT: i was wrong.

    Existing monitors with MDP will work in a TB daisy chain if used as the last peripheral. New monitors that will probably have TB ports can be used also in the middle of a chain or as a HUB....

    Jul 29, 08:12 PM
    Well they eventually went on sale at midday in NZ (finally).

    I ended up queuing up outside Vodafone in St Lukes Westfield Mall. I was the first in the line that began at around 11am with another guy (don't know the name sorry). Ended up being about 30-50 people by midday.

    Got myself a nice 32GB on contract.

    Apr 13, 01:30 AM
    I'm all with BanjoBanker. Totally addicted to my iPhone. It's the ultimate portable device, incredibly versatile and proves its handiness in countless situations day in and day out. And you don't need to carry 2 devices (phone and pocket computer)

    But there are some downsides, too, most notably the smaller screen. If you'd like to have some screen space for some more serious work, such as writing, movies, pictures, editing, reading etc., then get the iPad. Sure, you need a bag and carry it around.. but depending on the things you want to do, it might be worth it. Also, if you plan to use the device as portable (bedroom) device at home (reading books, watch pics/movies), the iPad is hard to beat.

    Still, my vote goes to the iPhone...

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