Saturday, June 4, 2011

bowties are cool

bowties are cool. Bow Ties are Cool
  • Bow Ties are Cool

  • Dagless
    Mar 21, 05:54 PM
    Is this the one by Hudson too? They don't normally develop poo. Another game I wasn't planning on getting gets a bad score :o I wish they stuck this into a Wii- generation game (Wii Fly?), gave it a decent multiplayer and then it might have appeal.

    bowties are cool. Bow ties are cool!
  • Bow ties are cool!

  • hexonxonx
    Sep 8, 12:32 AM
    They are all just guesses that is all.

    bowties are cool. #39;ow ties are cool#39; and it
  • #39;ow ties are cool#39; and it

  • darylsudden
    Mar 18, 04:49 AM
    I will most likely be in my iCaptain-cosplay... and this Allnighter really sounds inviting. Let's be the firsts in line! :cool:

    bowties are cool. owties have always been cool
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  • cjc343
    Nov 7, 02:40 AM
    The point is, it ISN'T corrupted, and I have tried resaving pictures. There is nothing wrong with the pictures themselves, and my first thought was that it was Apache (2.0.52) but I don't see how that could be the problem.

    After a little more testing, they load fine when I use localhost as the address, but not when I use the no-ip address.


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  • hmmfe
    Jul 19, 08:11 PM
    If I had a nickel for every time Ockham's razor was misused in an argument and a penny for every time people purposely misunderstand the subject of an analogy (presumably to get their daily fix of outrage), I'd be able to pay off America's national debt and have enough money left over to pay for BPs forthcoming legal bills.

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  • ValSalva
    Jul 2, 10:53 AM
    I've held off on 10.6.4 because of Photoshop CS5 slowdown reports. This update was heavily beta tested from what I remember. Lots of problems. I guess I'll wait till 10.6.5.


    bowties are cool. Search: Bow
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  • SkippyThorson
    Feb 7, 12:59 PM
    [...]I've heard that some people (like really smart fanboys) know how to do it.

    I was going to help you until I read that line.

    Instead, all you'll get from me is this comment, and a stiff suggestion that you use this tool (, like everyone else has for years. I'm confident even you could have found an answer if you tried.

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  • ArmCortexA8
    Aug 12, 08:46 PM
    Apple's own Software Update and QuickTime's own Update function fail to detect this new version. Therefore you have to manually download it from


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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 26, 05:31 AM

    bowties are cool. Bow ties are cool.
  • Bow ties are cool.

  • iThinkergoiMac
    Apr 19, 05:38 PM
    If you make sure to get the best GPU in your iMac when you order, it won't be too bad. It's been a while since the iMacs have been updated, though, so the GPU is a little old. Stay away from the MacBook for gaming, though, they have terrible GPUs. The 15" and 17" MBPs have decent graphics cards on the high end, but the MacBook is terrible.


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  • Bow ties designers

  • CorvusCamenarum
    Dec 14, 01:58 PM
    No such thing as bad publicity. Plus, animals are tasty. In fact, I think I'll have a Chipotle burrito for lunch today.

    Don't forget your Chipotle-Away.

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  • daryliow
    Jun 22, 05:15 AM
    They have always said first come first served! Are you heading there in the morning? If so what time?


    bowties are cool. Bow ties are cool.
  • Bow ties are cool.

  • pgwalsh
    Oct 24, 02:53 PM
    I may be there and will say hi if I see you. I'm thinking of going to the Stanford Shopping center store since it's closer.

    bowties are cool. Cuz ow ties are cool
  • Cuz ow ties are cool

  • msmith2112
    Sep 17, 07:40 PM
    LOL, it took me about 20 min. to make this. Seriously though, do you think a phone is really in the works?


    bowties are cool. Bow ties are cool.
  • Bow ties are cool.

  • GFLPraxis
    Apr 15, 09:28 PM
    Currently, I think that the XBox 360 is better. Nothing can beat Gears of War. Well, perhaps Rainbow Six Vagas. Both are using Unreal Engine 3. I think that the year that the 360 had gave devs time to figure out what was going on. This is why the 360 prolly looks better. I don't think that we will ever see a huge difference till the end life of the consoles. That's when we will see what's going on.
    Except that Unreal 3 Engine is going to be on PS3 too, so once again, they'll be about the same.

    bowties are cool. Bow ties are cool.
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  • skubish
    Sep 17, 06:32 PM
    My wife and I are going to San Francisco in November. I thinking about taking the BART from SFO to downtown. Mainly I would avoid the hassle of driving downtown plus I would save on rental car costs and parking costs. Once we get downtown we won't really need a car.

    How do people feel about BART?
    Is it safe and reliable?


    bowties are cool. Bowties are cool.
  • Bowties are cool.

  • zea mays
    Jun 24, 07:51 AM
    Nano Tubes, iPhone Buds and Purple iPod Sock SOLD to Kuebby!

    Sold three iPod socks to zea mays. She bought the green, blue and purple. Thanks!

    Still more socks/items available!

    iPhone headset, nano tubes, and iPod sock received today! Excellent seller.

    Wait, did I get the purple sock or did Kuebby?

    bowties are cool. Bow ties are cool.
  • Bow ties are cool.

  • mif
    Apr 1, 04:10 AM
    some furnitures and a girl

    bowties are cool. Bow ties are cool
  • Bow ties are cool

  • loganbyers07
    Feb 23, 04:04 PM
    i will trade you my 16 gb ipod touch for it. :)Is it unlocked?

    Please let me know. I also have the wall charger for it. I would love to get a :apple: iphone

    Apr 14, 12:02 PM
    How about this one :) A real RED iPhone 4

    I have no problem with the red i4, rather like it as a matter of fact. The rest of the phone is the most hideous looking thing I have ever seen.

    Apr 10, 01:07 PM
    bought probably 7 cases plus the free bumpers.
    I simply purchased a squaretrade warranty and now running naked, loving it.

    If you call apple they will still give you one, as of 2 weeks ago

    Sep 12, 03:41 PM
    Ok... this crap HP i have only has 256 ram. I have a few extra sticks of 256 lying around, but i have no way of knowing what type they are. Is there any harm in just sticking them in to see if they will work?

    Blue Velvet
    Jan 1, 09:40 PM
    ...Macromedia and Adobe need to forget their past and make things work.

    That's an interesting and possibly controversial statement.

    Putting Macromedia to one side... what beef do you have with Adobe?
    Any apps in particular? And where does the past come into it?

    Only curious 'cos Adobe are the people I rely on to get work done...

    Mar 23, 05:25 AM
    GodFather has been getting ok reviews but is basically the PS2 game with a bit of waggle

    Cooking Mama - has been getting 'AWFUL' reviews

    Blazing Angels - has sucked the ass on all formats - wii is meant to be no different.

    Ouch! That sucks!

    Hows the port for TD:U for PS2 (besides graphics)? Is there anything they took out of it, like the MMO racing feature or only racing half the island? I don't see any reviews for the ported game yet. :o

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