Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Anthony8720
    Dec 20, 06:34 PM
    What the heck is going on here? I was just using my laptop and noticed a strange smell. I then put my nose near the keyboard and realized that it was a burning smell coming from below the keyboard. I think I may have read a thread on this somewhere else but I cant remember what causes it. Is this normal for macs? Or should I get this thing serviced?

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  • QwertyDitto
    Aug 21, 04:49 AM
    Bump an old post shall we?


    I am felino on these forums.

    iPhone nano ftw. Read half way down the first page.

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  • mr.steevo
    Apr 13, 10:15 AM
    Make sure you securely wipe the drive before you give it away. If its an SSD, you need to encrypt the volume before wiping it. Otherwise a 7 way random re-write should do the trick. (It will take a while to perform.)


    I'm guessing his mom isn't going to be running file recovery software on the mini...

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  • MmmPancakes
    Sep 23, 03:45 PM
    I think the shuffles are a great idea for the tournament, and it shows the school is in tune with cool gifts for that age group. Apple refurbs are usualy great products...especially with a shuffle. With solid state flash memory, its either works perfect or it doesn't work at all, so refurb won't matter too much.


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  • zeemeerman2
    Mar 16, 04:42 AM
    In Lion, many found out that the first option (which you could select Blue or Graphite in SL) is greyed out.
    If you want to know why it's greyed out, just hover your cursor over the menu. A tooltip will appear with all the necessary information...

    * The world is very big and it's much likely someone else found out before me. But in weeks, I noticed no-one mentioned it. Even the video at the front page today doesn't mention it why. So... here it is..

    ** I'm writing this from my SL partition (Lion partition on external disk, and not here at the moment), so I don't know exactly what the tooltip exactly. If someone wants to post a screenshot of the tooltip, please? Thanks.


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  • sweetcorn
    May 4, 01:50 AM
    Apple is secretly testing their new 'istrain' sensors in the new iMacs, depending on feedback they intend to incorporate these 'istrain' sensors across their whole product line.

    Sounds like a positive result so far...


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  • MP4-22
    Mar 31, 08:51 PM
    I usually end up getting the third version like yellow, crystal, and emerald. I have to get me a DS first.

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  • dejo
    Apr 24, 08:15 AM
    You sure you want to release newView? Are you following the memory management rules?


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  • mjstew33
    Dec 23, 10:19 PM

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  • pdxflint
    Jun 24, 03:19 PM

    Just curious... how much did you get for it? I've got a MBP 2.2 15" 120GB, and if I upgrade anytime soon it would be good information about the resale market.


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  • TheGimp
    Mar 16, 03:47 PM
    don't even go there. :o I went out and bought Bullet Witch & SSX Blur today :rolleyes: That on top of Motorstorm PS3 arriving in the post :D :rolleyes: :D I'm not sure if I'm a gamer or addicted to shopping :D

    Depends on how you are actually spending your time, not your money. Gamers mainly game, shoppers mainly shop (or talk shop talk). Others are somewhere in between. If you are actually immersing yourself in the games once they arrive - not just imbibing on their novelty and promises of blissful abandon - then I would say you are a gamer through and through. If after reading this you're still on the fence regarding in which camp you belong, then just ask yourself the next time you have a substantial chunk of free time whether you'd rather be playing a game than reading about it and milking the purchase of vicarious enjoyment of others.

    SotN looks great. I also like the idea of a sharper hd version and the attractive border wrapped around the inset game. What would also be cool (er, not exactly, but...) would be ability to toggle between original (100% emulated) music and enhanced soundtrack with high-end DSP (easy on these new consoles).

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  • DaiKirai
    Feb 16, 01:13 PM
    For Firefox, is there a reason you're using Tabbrowser Extensions and not Tabbrowser Preferences?


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  • MorphingDragon
    Apr 22, 05:29 PM
    I would use Python as there is a Cocoa bridge for Python. Though untimately you will need an understanding of Obj-C and Cocoa to make decent Mac OSX apps. Even if you are coding in Python.

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  • KeithPratt
    Apr 15, 11:58 AM
    Maybe Version 5 is better in saving the correct PAL-solution not adding pixels that are not needed, while recording.

    If you've got your VCR hooked up to a DV camcorder and the DV camcorder attached to your Mac via Firewire, you can think of capturing it in iMovie as a file transfer. The camcorder is encoding the VCR's output to standard PAL DV, and your Mac is just recording that data.

    If you try to do any colour correction or what have you in iMovie, a different engine in different versions might result in different quality. But these versions are so old I don't think you'll find much comparison online � probably best to just suck it and see.


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  • appleguy123
    Apr 27, 10:19 AM
    It's in the retail case, it's a DVT prototype so it's probably close to being finished.

    Do you have a tracking number or know when it will come in?

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  • Blue Velvet
    Mar 5, 07:24 PM
    Not nearly as annoying as mystery meat thread titles.


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  • Keebler
    Mar 4, 09:47 PM
    [flying blind]

    Could you post the photo so we can see what you're talking about?

    [/flying blind]

    omg. i can't believe i forgot to attach the screenshot i took.

    my bad :)

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  • Osarkon
    Mar 29, 10:25 AM
    Syphon Filter is a really good action game, plenty of things to keep you busy. Not sure about MGS : Portable Ops because they STILL haven't released it in the UK, but it looks amazing and has reviews to back it, so that might be a worthwhile purchase.

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  • twoodcc
    Mar 17, 06:14 PM
    yeah something doesn't sound right here. can you tell us exactly what flags you used when starting folding?

    are you using the console client?

    Apr 20, 05:17 PM
    Basically you are saying that the case is physically warped and that I should apply torque on the MBA case to fix the warp. That sounds a bit risky. I think I will bring this back.

    Yes, that's what I'm saying.

    It doesn't need a lot of pressure.
    The MBA case isn't very rigid.
    You can start with very little pressure.

    No harm in bringing it back though.

    Jan 20, 12:24 AM
    What does Spymac offer, exactly?

    Okay, nevermind. I know now, but I really don't know much about Spymac in general. Is it free? I couldn't find a price for it.

    And if its free/cheap, what's the catch? How could they offer so much?

    Oct 25, 11:30 PM
    30'' would suck... the resolution just wouldnt be there. Just for example: Samsung makes a 30'' LCD TV that can be used as a computer monitor, but its max resolution is 1024x768. A 30'' with good resolution would cost a frickin fortune... 10 thousand or more

    Mar 17, 12:34 PM
    Caught this while making the morning news romp today. At least there is some outbreak of common sense in that family. And if what he says is true, elder Phelps is a really sick man (which we already know). I could say more, but I'd be wasting my breath, and he doesn't deserve my breath.

    Honestly, I feel for Nate, and kinda believe him. Anywho, enjoy the article.


    Estranged son of anti-gay Westboro pastor says father does 'evil'

    (CNN) -- An estranged son of anti-gay Kansas pastor Fred Phelps said Wednesday that the spiritual leader of Westboro Baptist Church hit his wife and beat his children with a mattock handle until they bled.

    "I think what he does out there is evil,"said Nathan "Nate" Phelps, during an appearance on HLN's "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell."

    Nate Phelps is the seventh of the Westboro Baptist minister's 13 children. The younger Phelps severed ties with his family on his 18th birthday and said he hasn't had contact with his father in three decades. Nate Phelps is currently writing a book about his family.

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that Westboro's practice of picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers with offensive placards is constitutionally protected free speech. The picketing, which includes chants and placards stating "God Hates Fags" and "Thank God for Dead Soldiers," have enraged supporters of the U.S. military and the families and friends of slain soldiers.

    Nate Phelps called his pastor father "one of the best reasons that America has been forced to get off the fence and address this issue (of gay rights)."

    "But at the same time you can't ignore the fact that he's done a lot of damage," Phelps said. "He's hurt a lot of families, not only in the gay community, but the families of these soldiers."

    The younger Phelps said his father also hurt his own family.

    "He used his fists. He used his knees and he used ... the handle of a mattock," said Phelps, referring to a pick-like digging tool. "He used that in such a way that it split the skin on the back of the kid's legs so they bled."

    "If they want to call that discipline, that's fine. But I call it abuse," Phelps said.

    The son said Fred Phelps also hit his mother, but not with the handle of the mattock.

    Phelps has also said his father abused prescription drugs when he was in law school. He didn't back down from the claim during the HLN interview.

    Velez-Mitchell read a statement from Nate Phelps' sister, Shirley Phelps-Roper, denying the claim.

    "Yikes. Hell no. His (Nate Phelps') imagination goes on and on," Roper wrote. "This lie should not have come out of his mouth when he decided to reject the word of God. Nothing he can say will change the fact that God hates (homosexuals) and their enablers and therefore God hates America and America is doomed."

    Nate Phelps responded that his sister "just cynically lies about what happened."

    Likewise, Phelps said his father manipulates facts and circumstances to reach false conclusions.

    "My father can make any connection to anything that anyone has done or hasn't done in their life and point to that to say that that's evidence they're damned and going to hell," Phelps said. "He's convinced that homosexuality is the ultimate sin against God.

    "So since the United States is taking steps to move in the direction of equality for gays in America, he says that has doomed America," Phelps said. "So anyone who is connected to America, so anyone who is supporting America in any sense is subject to the wrath of God."

    When asked what he would say to his father if he could, Nate Phelps replied, "I've never had a relationship with my father. I wouldn't know what to say to him."

    There was no immediate public response from Fred Phelps to his son's televised remarks.


    Dec 20, 02:38 PM
    So apple decided to give me a crappy hard drive that died outside of my warranty. i am now trying to replace it. i'm following the guide at pbfixit.com for replacing the battery. however there's a "clip" apparently that is holding the right hand side of the case together and i see absolutely no way to unclip it. any help would be appreciated. i've been working on it for about 2 hours and i've had about enough and i'm ready to sell the pile of crap and buy a PC. apple gets "crappy design award of the year" for not making their hardware servicable that's for sure. and no, i'm not paying apple @$$loads of money for them to fix what should be simple for anyone to do.

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